About Us


At Somatic Aquaristik™ we aspire to do things in smaller sizes, let’s say; “0 to 120 Gallons” (0 to 400L).

With focus only on a narrow bandwidth of system sizes, we provide complete solutions for specific size Aquariums. Somatic products have numerical designations reflecting their optimal system rating in US-Gallons. Our goal is to remove the mystery and complexities of the Aquarium hobby allowing both entry level and advanced hobbyist enjoy successful reef keeping.

We realize not every aquarist has the same goals and aspirations, for that reason we design our products modular. Somatic products do not require to be modified or worked around, they are designed to offer complete turnkey solutions for you to realize your Aquatic dreams. We utilize practical production methods, components and material to ensure our products do not become the cost prohibitive factor to enjoy this amazing hobby.

Somatic products are designed in Germany and produced in-house in our facilities in Germany and China.

Only the best materials are used to ensure your satisfaction and welfare of your animals.

With all that in mind, we set; “Aquatic Peace of Mind” as our goal and motto.